Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cartagena's Historic District

Cartagena's Cathedral in the background.
Don’t despair my friends!  We are back!  And yes, still daydreaming of beautiful, romantic Cartagena.
As soon as you arrive, that same afternoon, walking the streets of the historic wall district is a must.  You will see colonial houses, balconies full of flowers, and your mind will be drunk with yellows, deep blues, and vivid oranges.  At night, a carriage ride is a good idea.  When the sun is going down, walk on the top of the wall that surrounds the historic district.  You will see the Caribbean Sea on one side, and the beautiful streets on the other.  The ocean, the breeze, the sun going down…. Experience the magic! Words are not enough to describe the it.  Here are some pictures from Dukes Fotografía.  Hopefully, they will help you visualize your trip to Cartagena. (These were taken a few days before our wedding).

Some of our favorite places in the Historic District:
-Café del Mar:  This is a bar on top of the wall that surrounds the city.  It is the perfect spot for a cocktail during sunset time.  Notice we didn't say "perfect spot for dinner".... There are better places for food, but it is still worth to go.
-Plaza de Santo Domingo.  A feast for the senses!
Enjoy some food and sip wine surrounded by beautiful architecture, including the Iglesia de Santo Domingo, the oldest church in Cartagena.  You may see some guitarists, or young dancers moving to the fast pace of Caribbean music.  If you are lucky, you may spot newlyweds leaving the church.  Read the legend about this plaza here.  Some pics of the City, including one of the Plaza de Santo Domingo in Lonely Planet.

Cartagena's Historic District


-          We highly recommend walking shoes.  Confortable, flat sandals are ideal.  Leave your fancy shoes for another occasion.
-          Ladies, the weather in Cartagena is very humid.  Go with the natural texture of your hair, and wear waterproof mascara. Don't forget sunblock for daytime!
-          Before leaving for your walk, ask in your hotel for taxi prices, and carriage ride prices.
-          Take a good number of memory cards for your camera.  Believe us, you will be taking tons of pictures!  A good photo shop in Cartagena, just in case, is FotoJapon.  There are several locations.  Again, ask the receptionist in your hotel.  Finally, street vendors may be very persistent…..  Just be direct and clear if you don’t want to buy at the moment.


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