Friday, July 22, 2011

Where Are We Staying? (Trip to Uruguay 1)

Our first weekend in Argentina, we crossed the border in order to visit Colonia, Uruguay.  Our expectations were high.  Founded in 1860 by Portuguese conquistadors, Colonia del Sacramento is a place rich in history. 

Photo:  Flavio Vargas GC

Jose Luis, Flavio -my brother, and I took the ferry from Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires, and planned to spend the weekend in Colonia.  It was also my wedding anniversary.  What a better place to celebrate, than a small colonial town overlooking Río de la Plata?

Leaving Buenos Aires

We enjoyed the view. It was cloudy, but the sun made the water look silver sometimes.  I am pretty sure that is how the river got its name. Once in town, we walked a few streets to get to our hostel.  Short houses and narrow cobblestone streets make up part of this charming town!

Colonia del Sacramento

A feeling of discomfort invaded us when the person at the hostel's front desk informed us that they were completely booked. Our reservation was not showing on their availability book! To make the story short, there was a misunderstanding and our reservation was never completed.  Our discomfort turned to anxiety when we realized it was a holiday in Argentina, and many people will be coming over to Colonia during the long weekend.  We knew finding a place to stay was going to be a difficult task.

Colonia del Sacramento

Well, I stayed in the hostel watching the luggage, while Jose Luis and my brother rushed through the streets trying to find a place to spend the night.  After a good number of tries, they found a hotel. The two next nights were booked…. For more than double we had planned to spend.  (To be continued...)


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