Thursday, August 18, 2011

Acting, Tango, and Cinema

Music and dance are always a fun way to explore a culture. Therefore, a Tango show was one of my priorities during my time in Buenos Aires.  José Luis, Flavio E. and I looked for the best places and/or deals on town, but after a good number of phone calls and emails, we decided not to attend one.   They were too expensive, way out of our budget.  We were disappointed, and I thought I had to let it go.
The night before José Luis left Buenos Aires to go on his motorcycle adventure, we went to Avenida Corrientes.   The plan was to buy some reading materials and have Chocolate and churros at Café La Giralda.  With books on hand, and a belly full of deliciousness, we had some time left.  Since Corrientes is full of theaters, we decided to check out one of the performances.  The chosen one was Tita, Una vida en tiempo de tango in Teatro Metropolitan

The   performance was about Tita Merello, who was an Argentinean actress and singer during the 40’s and 50’s.  Her performances are remembered, not only because she became a huge movie star, but because of her arrabalero* style of singing.  That night was not only about acting. The performance included Tango choreographies and real movie clips showcasing the most interesting moments of Merello’s career. 
Reflecting back in what I saw, I think her life represents what tango is all about:  A mixture of city life, feelings and music. It was the perfect way for José Luis to conclude his visit to Buenos Aires, and it was at a much lower price than the tango shows we originally wanted to go to!
My favorite song of the night was the tango:  “Se dice de mi”.  Click below to see Tita herself singing it.

*Arrabalero:  Typical of the lower class.

Notes for the Traveler

-If theater is your thing, Buenos Aires has a lot to offer.  Many of the theaters are in Avenida Corrientes. If interested in independent Theater scene, visit the Barrio Boedo.

-Avenida Corrientes has a plethora of libraries that sell used and new books.  Most libraries have a small section of books in English.


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arrablero style? charrito arrabalero?

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@ARTURO Si.... pero yo poco a poco lo voy puliendo! :-)

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