Sunday, June 19, 2011

Party in the sky

A scene from the party.
We were back on the plane.   After so many hours in the same space, sharing the same bathrooms, walking the same hallways, making the same long lines, going to the same hotel, all of the passengers kind of became familiar with each other.   As we greeted our neighbors, others were talking about the news and trying to be positive about reaching our final destination.   Many passengers were chatting.  Everyone sat quickly, and seemed ready to get this over with.  We had, hopefully, 5 more hours of flight.

The plane took off.  There was no entertainment this time, due to the flight being an irregular one.  I decided to listen to music.   Jose Luis was busy on his computer.  The chatter became louder, as well as their laughter.  I looked.   A group of passengers were visiting.  It seemed they were having fun.  I saw one of them reaching for their luggage.  To my surprise, it was a guitar!  Sure enough, they started singing!

This shameless “serenata” got many of us out of our seats.  Children and grownups clapped, sang along, requested songs, and laughed.  Some of them even walked around singing La Bamba!  Some of the flight attendants joined for a while.  As one of them said, it was a “party in the sky”.  It was only when we were about to land that we went back to our seats!   Everyone clapped when the captain announced, “welcome to Buenos Aires”.


Natalia y Jose Luis said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Lucas, the main responsible of this party, has a new project. Listen to him and his sister here :

Dame Cosas Buenas said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey! thanx for your comments and good vibes! and for sharing our music adventure with your peolple! Best regards, Lucas.

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