Friday, June 17, 2011

Lima, Peru - Natalia's view.

Our plane got delayed one more day due to volcanic ash.  After waiting in Bolivia for some time, we flew back to Lima.  That meant about 3 more hours on the plane, plus waiting at the airport trying to find out how the airline was going to handle 200 passengers stuck in a city they were not traveling to.  Everyone was exhausted!

It was about 1am when we arrived to the designated hotel, The Ibis in Miraflores.   Every single person in the hotel was extremely patient and welcoming. They smiled, fed and accommodated a huge group of tired travelers.   Impressive.

Next morning, having time to kill before our afternoon flight, we decided to walk around.  Miraflores’ streets looked busy.  People walking, businesses were open, street vendors and heavy traffic.  El Parque Central was colorful thanks to the gardens placed around the plaza.  Not far from there, we saw another park, this one facing the Pacific Ocean.   This second park is part of a tiny mall, so we decided to try some Peruvian food.  The ceviche was outstanding.

Maybe it was the breathtaking sight, the sound of the waves or the crisp air.  Maybe it was the delicious food, or the kindness of Peruvians, but all tensions were gone.   We got a good taste of Peru, and now we plan to come back for more. 

We were back at the airport at 2:30 pm.  If all goes as planned, we will land in Buenos Aires close to midnight.


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