Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Volcanoes and things.

Monday, June 13
So our flight was delayed.  We woke up at around 4:00AM to get to the airport by 5 as the flight was now scheduled for 7:00AM.  While Natalia was taking a shower, "smartness" kicked in and I decided to check the flight status online.  Delayed again, to 7:45PM on Monday!  Another day lost!  Of course I called the airline just to be sure, and they said that the information on the website was incorrect.  The flight was still scheduled for 7:00AM.

We arrived at the airport and luckily there was no line at the counter or through security.  But sure enough once we got to our gate all the people from our flight were there.  And a few minutes later the airline announced that the flight would not be leaving at 7:00 but 7:45.  Not too bad, only that most of the restaurants at the airport weren't open yet.  Coffee it is.

Once they started boarding the plane, I noticed something that not even "my people" do:  hoards of Argentinians crowding the gate.  Really!?  Like you're not going to get on.  Staff had to ask them to move out of the way to let 1st class board.  They litteraly took 3 steps to the side, all at once.  At least they are coordinated.  So off we go to board when they call our group, pushing through the crowd.
Once seated on the plane, the lady behind us felt like she needed to spray herself with perfume, I can only assume that she might have not showered that morning.  And to counteract that pungent aroma, the one in front of us felt that flatulence was required.

Breakfast was a lousy piece of bread, yoghurt and OJ, looks like we might not be having lunch, so we'll have to wait for another "feast" a few hours before we land.
On the upside, we are finally in the air and I was able to get some work done.  Nothing like maximizing airtime.  Time for a nap.

Off we go.

And sure enough.  Lunch was provided.  Tasty chicken with mashed potatoes.  But now the flight has been redirected and at 5:30PM CST, we are sitting on the runway in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  30 to 45 minutes to refuel and decide where they will be taking us next.  I'm hoping they don't, and we get set up for the night here in Bolivia.  I could definitely use this time to gather my thoughts and plan the next move.  We still have no place to stay in Buenos Aires, we put off making a reservation for this same reason.  We have no idea when we will get there.  It seems that by the time that we do arrive, I'll just have to ask the pilot to turn the plane around and take me back home, I need to show up at work.

N: I ask myself if in siutations like these in which we are all pretty much stuck in this tight space, tired, with a pain in the coochini, and a little bit hungry, if it si appropriate to discipline other people's children.  Sigh...

JL:  I say yes.  Especially when the parents are just as bad.  Why is everybody complaining? The lady behind us apparently knows exactly what the pilot should do, and where he should take us.  Why dare they land here in this aweful place?  They could at least have taken us to Ecuador which is much nicer.  LADY!!  IT'S 9:00PM HERE!!  THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE!!

I've come to learn that I can only tolerate Argentinians in small doses.  I am indeed, as my wife calls me, a "Pelioneer".


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