Monday, July 11, 2011

Breakfast at Tortoni

Since this is the most important of the Café Notables, I thought to share our experience.
From left to right: Borges, Gardel and Storni
Our first morning in Buenos Aires was cloudy and rainy.  I was cold!  I changed from Texas summer heat to cool temperatures here.  My body was really feeling it.  This weather called for a good cup of hot coffee, and the place to get it is Café Tortoni.  Another good recommendation from my brother! I learned that the Tortoni was founded in the 1800’s by French man who resided in Buenos Aires. The place became famous due to important artists frequenting the bar, such as Carlos Gardel and Alfonsina Storni.  The place even has its own Tango.

Waiting for our breakfast on those chairs, looking at the wood and marble tables, you can almost experience that old Buenos Aires mentioned on poems and tango songs. Our waiter brought café con leche, orange juice –made from real oranges!-, and a tray full of sweet bread.  Everything was delicious.  After eating, we wandered a bit.  The café has a few rooms, including a small theater in which they offer Tango Shows. On our way from Café Tortoni, we strolled through Avenida de Mayo.  This is one of the most beautiful streets on the city, featuring buildings rich in architectonic details.  The buildings, the café and pastries, the people on the streets….  No wonder they say Buenos Aires is the “Paris of South America”.  

Traditionally, this has been a place for great thinkers....  ;-)
Jose Luis waiting for breakfast. 
Notice the marble tables and original chairs on the background.


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