Sunday, July 10, 2011

Los Cafés de Buenos Aires 2

Now that I get the Cafés, I have been frequenting them more.  Ah, the pastries, the fresh coffee, my pen and humble notepad.  They are the perfect place for inspiration and writing.  I have noticed that some of the cafés I have visited are Cafés Notables.   I heard, a few days ago, on TV, that some Cafés are considered to be “Notables” – worth of mention - because without them the neighborhood would not be the same.  They contribute to the life of the community, as they are a space that facilitates creating connections between people.  I guess Cafés are to Buenos Aires of yesterday what Facebook is to youth today.   The following is a list of some of the Cafés that I have visited during my time in Buenos Aires, and they are worth coming back:

Another afternoon in Buenos Aires.
Photo:  Flavio Vargas GC

Billares (pool tables) located underground.  They offer Tango Shows and even Tango Classes!

The most famous of all!  I will share our experience at Tortoni on a future post.

Gorgeous place.  Time seems to have stopped here!  Entertain your senses with the food, the antiques, and sculptures on this place.

Claims to be the place were the Pavita Sandwich was invented.  The menu includes a good numbers of varieties of the sandwich.  I have tried a couple, and they were delicious!!

Best chocolate and churros I had while in Buenos Aires!  

A couple more:  La Turuleca (Boedo) and Café Rivas (San Telmo) are not considered notables, but are fun places.  Worth mentioning on this post.

This list is not intended to be a list of the best cafés in Buenos Aires.  These are some of the ones that I visited and liked.  If you come to the city, I am sure you will not miss them.  They are such an intricate part of the life here in the city, that, at some point, you will find yourself having coffee and medialunas in one of them!
For the complete list of  Cafés Notables, click here.

Sunday afternoon break.  Café Rivas.

Pavita Sandwich at Café Margot. 
Placemat features buildings from the city.


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