Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lost in Translation

Sometimes, even when we speak the same language, we get lost in translation.  Funny conversations I have had, things I have said, or things I have heard during this trip, so far.

      First Scenario
We just had a flight of more than twelve hours and landed in Lima.  (See my post about Peru here).  We are beyond tired.  I am trying to find someone to ask where do we need to go to obtain our taxi and hotel vouchers.  I find a lady who works at the airport. 

Me:  Excuse me; where  is the AA’s desk?
Her:  uh?
Me:  (louder) do you know where AA’s desk is?
Her:  What do you need?
Me:  I am from that flight that just landed here, the one that was going to Buenos Aires.  I am looking where to get the vouchers.
Her:  So, you didn’t make it to Buenos Aires.
Me:  No, we had to land here. It was unexpected, like an emergency landing.
Her:  An emergency landing?!  Oh my!!!  How dangerous and frightening!!!!
Me:  No!!!  It wasn’t that bad.  We just didn’t get to Buenos Aires.  It’s all because of the ash…..
Her:  Are you picking up some ash?
Me (frustrated):   No!!… Thank you.

Second Scenario
I am eating lunch.  A grandmother (GM) and his 5 to 6 years old grandson are seating on the table next to me.  She has asked him to tell her about dinosaurs.  She is taking notes as he speaks. 

Boy:  mmm….velociraptor!
GM:  And this one, also lays eggs?  Is it oviparous?
Boy:  Yes, they all lay eggs.  They are all good parents.

Third Scenario
A café in Avenida de Mayo.  We are watching the Soccer Game Colombia-Costa Rica.  (See a post about this afternoon here)

Waiter:  Who is playing?
Us:  Colombia vs. Costa Rica

-   A man later comes in.-

     Man (to the waiter):  Who is playing?
    Waiter:  Hungary  vs. Costa Rica

Fourth Scenario
My husband (JL), brother (bro) and I are waiting for the subway.  When it arrives, we see the word “LUCER” written -graffiti style- on one of the wagons.

JL:  Quiso escribir “looser” en inglés y le falló la ortografía.
Bro:  Sí, le hizo falta la tilde en la u.

Do you have "lost in translation" stories?  Laugh with us and share them here!!


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

"Bro: Si, le hizo falta la tilde en la u." Hilarious! Great sense of humour!

Natalia y Jose Luis said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates
I am glad we made you smile today! By the way, I love your home country!

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