Sunday, January 13, 2013

My quest for a Tango show was not over yet. Since my online research was not giving much results, my brother resorted to word of mouth. A friend of his suggested the Centro Cultural Torquato tasso. I was a bit skeptical because the one singing was "La Chicana Tango". I have nothing against Chicano music, but I was in Buenos Aires and the thing to do was to Tango.

Anyway, I trusted the recommendation and took a bus to San Telmo, were the Tasso is located.

The place is not small, but is not a stadium either. Which means that, even if your table is in the back, you get to see the show. They ask attendants to arrive early, so they food can be ordered and served before the show starts. We order a picada and some wine, and they brought our food just on time, right before the show. When Dolores Sola, "La Chicana" came out, dressed in a way that strongly ressembled Frida Kahlo, I was not worried any more about not listening to Tango. I was up for a good show and open to see what they had to offer. Let me tell you, it was a great show! No dancing this time, but excellent musicians and a powerful voice that let us craving even more. It was a modern version of Tango, with all the flair of the traditional. I leave you today with a video of La Chicana and her band. Next time I visit Buenos Aires, I am going back to El Tasso for some more good wine and music!


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