Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Very Own 7 Links!! Woohooo!!

Since our blog is still a very new project, I was thrilled when Stephanie, from The Travel Chica, nominated this site for The 7 Links Project. Thank you Stephanie!   I now present you with...

Our Seven Links!!

Most Beautiful Post:    Cartagena’s Historic District
This is one of our early posts. The pictures were taken a couple of days before our wedding in Cartagena. This post shows a beautiful city and a beautiful time in our lives.
Note: Pictures by Dukes Fotografía

Most Popular Post:   Small Challenges
Everyone likes to see how I solved my dirty floor problem! J

Most Controversial Post:    Simultaneous Vacation
"Why on the motorcycle?", " What about work?", "Instead of spending your free time together, you are traveling to two different places?". The list of questions we got goes on and on. To tell you the truth, even I had my reservations regarding the Texas - Alaska journey. Despite all controversy, Jose Luis rode his motorcycle up north! Glad he is done with it!

Most Helpful Post: Los Cafes de Buenos Aires (1 and 2)
I have to include two posts in this category. Los Cafes de Buenos Aires, and Los Cafes de Buenos Aires 2. The first one is about the meaning of the cafes, and the second includes a list of some of the cafes we liked. Hopefully readers will grasp the importance of these spaces in the Argentinean Barrios, and have an idea of which ones to visit.

The Success of This Post Surprised Us!   Que pan tan bello!
I found a panadería Colombiana in Carrollton, TX. Finding a little piece of your country while abroad is AMAZING. Obviously, El Portal has many fans. This has been one of our most visited posts!

This Post Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved:    Small House for a Big Star
Here I share my experience in Gardel’s museum. Although I do not tell a whole lot about the things I learned/ observed, I double checked many of the facts online. I also read about Tango in Colombia since I didn’t want to write based solely on memories from my childhood. Being Gardel such a memorable music figure, I thought this post was going to draw more attention.

Post We are Most Proud Of:      In The Mood for Marshmallow Soup?
After the “Preparation Post” by José Luis, this is our first real post. Our blog was going to be a scrap book of our travels, places we liked, and some other random stuff. I don’t even remember when we decided it was going to be a blog, but I am glad we decided so! This post is a review of one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas. It was the first step, the post that started it all.


I am proud to nominate Comidilla (in Spanish). Diana is a Colombian entrepreneur, and an expert in food related topics. Read her blog to learn about what you should eat/ or not, and the latest tendencies regarding Colombian cuisine!

My second nomination is my brother’s blog, Visitante o Residente (in Spanish). Flavio is currently writing from Buenos Aires. He has been traveling non-stop for years in South America - especially Colombia - and Europe. He is still my number one traveling advisor!

I was lucky to meet Bobbi and Ric through Tweeter. It is great to have another traveling couple to share our experiences with. Visit Heels and Wheels to follow their adventures through Australia and South Asia!

Some of you already know I have soft spot for fashion. That is why I am proud to introduce you to Tiffany. She is an entrepreneur with a great sense of style! Read I am Style-ish to find outfit ideas, enjoy some good photography, and even learn blogging tips!

Finally, my dear José Luis has branched out. He is slowly building up his blog about motorcycle riding and traveling. Read his posts at Another Irregular Road Trip.


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